“Simon’s Saga,” Vocabulary from Episode 35 – 20 Words


fix firmly

Simon was ensconced at a table at DelMonico’s.

of or relating to the sense of taste

Gustatory paradise.

devoted to pleasure

Hedonistic heaven.

a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess

Glutton’s delight.

of or relating to the sense of smell

In some ways, Simon thought, this was the best part of the experience—looking forward to those first few wonderful mouthfuls of mussels and garlic bread, olfactory senses going full bore.

an illusory feat

It was not something that would shake the edifices of the mathematical establishment, but it was a pretty piece of mathematical legerdemain, a beautifully balanced equation: DelMonico’s = Heaven.

express as a number or measure or quantity

Who said pleasure could not be quantified?

make right or correct

That could be rectified.

the manner of preparing food or the food so prepared

He had been so moved by the cuisine that he had felt compelled to seek out the chef and personally express his gratitude.

displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

And it wasn’t like Simon to just find the guy and say, “Hey man, thanks for one really fantastic meal—an epicurean delight, a transcendent culinary experience, a bodacious repast.”

capable of being perceived

No, with Simon an expression of gratitude would have to take some palpable form.

a feeling of alarm or dread

When Simon had really enjoyed a meal, Jaz usually waited with some trepidation to see exactly what form his “thank you” would take.

strong feelings of embarrassment

And the chef had—to Jaz’s chagrin—received the full treatment.

a state of elated bliss

Suddenly, a look of rapture was on Simon’s face.

muscular and heavily built

When the chef, Angelo—a burly man who spoke mainly Italian and very little English—appeared, Simon had drawn him close and held him.

producing or capable of producing an intended result

But, like Simon, he used the words he did know efficaciously.

a system of words used to name things in a discipline

Her deeply considered conclusion about the behavior was, while not likely to be cited as a major contribution to psychology, relatively straightforward and admirably free of technical nomenclature: “Guys can be pretty weird sometimes.”

without revealing one’s identity

Except for the fact that Jaz had convinced him to go incognito.

free from undue bias or preconceived opinions

How was he going to observe the flow of life impartially if people kept ogling him

stare or look at, especially with amorous intentions

How was he going to observe the flow of life impartially if people kept ogling him and he heard them saying, “Hey, that’s the big football star! Did you see the game he had on Saturday? That guy can bring it”?

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