“Simon’s Saga,” Vocabulary from Episode 31 – 25 Words


thunderous verbal attack

“That was quite a diatribe, Simon,” Jaz said.

emotionally purging

“It must have been really cathartic for you. I didn’t know you felt so strongly about TV.”

high-flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation

“How a guy can let his own rhetoric take him away from the truth.”

harsh, bitter, or malicious in tone

Really polemical. And vitriolic too.

fighting with the fists

“Hey you two, break it up. I’ll go find some boxing gloves if you guys want to take up pugilism.


I’m beginning to wonder if he’s some kind of mythical creature that you guys concocted.

characteristic of acting or a stage performance

A lot of females do seem to be into histrionics.

belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong

Anyway, since I’m a female myself, I’m less likely to incur the wrath of the thought police.

incapable of being perceived by the senses, especially touch

She seems so pure and good. But not in some intangible way.

having material or physical form or substance

She’s certainly a fully corporeal girl.

existing as an essential constituent or characteristic

Was it inherent, a genetic trait that is a concomitant of beauty?

an event or situation that happens at the same time

Was it inherent, a genetic trait that is a concomitant of beauty?

charming in a childlike or naive way

Whatever the reason for the behavior was, they all did it; they sort of curled up like cats, looking totally winsome.

the highest level or degree attainable

I was really looking forward to this class because the professor is like world class. He’s at the pinnacle of the astrophysics field.

having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate

Professor Naxos was just coming to the end of quite an intricate line of reasoning in quantum theory.

extremely wicked

No nefarious subterfuge was involved.

something intended to misrepresent the nature of an activity

No nefarious subterfuge was involved.

thrown into a state of agitated confusion

Of course, he’s completely flustered and apologetic. Notes and books are strewn all over the place.

lacking social polish

“It might be a little gauche, but that is one heck of an original way to meet a woman.”

having an illustrious reputation; respected

“What she means is that she’s had articles published in Physical Review Letters, the most prestigious journal in the field,” Simon said.

based on sound reasoning or evidence

Well it’s still the most tenable approach we have.

being on the point of death

Nobody’s been able to make any progress at all in that area. The whole field has been practically moribund.

acting as a part that completes another part

I bat ideas around in cosmology and other areas with Axel. And he often gives me ideas for my psych projects. Our interests are very complementary.

without material form or substance

We’re both into cosmology, the origin of life, evolution, the place of mind in the universe. Axel is more into the physics of it, while I’m more interested in the psychological and even metaphysical aspects of such areas.

a coming into being

Real down-to-earth things, like the genesis of consciousness and the fate of the cosmos

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