“Simon’s Saga,” Vocabulary from Episode 24 – 20 Words


giving careful attention to detail

He’s pretty fastidious when it comes to his barbecue.

a combination or blend of diverse things

It’s an amalgam of a mother’s tender love and the love of a man and woman.

take up mentally

But within a few months he had assimilated what he needed to know to function quite well.

characterized by exceptionally early development

And he was the most amazingly precocious child.

having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

He was proficient in calculus at seven.

an unusually gifted or intelligent person

He was a prodigy. He just amazed people with his erudition.

being in the earliest stages of development

“Axel’s social skills are still a little rudimentary.”

a small or minor detail

He watches over him and kind of helps him out with mundane things—food, clothing, all that—the minutia of everyday life.

innocent and free of deceit

I have never met anyone so completely guileless, she thought.

turn away from; give up

If this one doesn’t work, Jaz thought, I’m renouncing any claim to the title of Queen of the Matchmakers.

a particular point in a process or activity

What you’re doing is very necessary. Particularly at this critical juncture in this planet’s history.

some duty that is essential and urgent

It is imperative that you continue.

a disposition free from stress or emotion

Jaz felt a sense of tranquility unlike any she had ever experienced before.

brilliantly clever

Some nights we’ve had the group just crackling with energy, absolutely scintillating ideas everywhere.

have internal elements or parts logically connected

And it even starts to cohere into a pattern. When that happens, it’s amazing. A few times I’ve felt we’ve been really close to something.

fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience

I mean like how to have an equitable society that’s also affluent.

having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

I mean like how to have an equitable society that’s also affluent.

a concluding action

We’re going to try to bring this thing to some sort of culmination.

a platform raised above the surrounding level

Some really important people—like Dr. James, the famous space scientist—will be on the dais.

a platform raised above the surrounding level

And Simon is even going to have a rostrum.

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