“Simon’s Saga,” Vocabulary from Episode 23 – 20 Words


deeply or seriously thoughtful

Though it was so subtle he could barely discern it, she seemed pensive.

housing that someone is living in

“Welcome to my humble domicile.”

a man-made object

It was comfortably, if eclectically, decorated with artifacts from many cultures.

a trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil

Thai amulets, Javanese ikats, and Japanese art scrolls [“makimono”— remember?] hung on the walls.

not challenging; dull and lacking excitement

Looking at several of them, Xela saw that they were on a large number of subjects, from the most arcane to the most prosaic.

the scientific study of language

Books on General Relativity, linguistics, and mysticism mingled with books on plumbing, cooking, and carpentry.

a religion based on communion with an ultimate reality

Books on General Relativity, linguistics, and mysticism mingled with books on plumbing, cooking, and carpentry.

obvious to the eye or mind

Conspicuously displayed in a case were Simon’s football trophies.

the manner in which something is expressed in words

He had noticed that sometimes she used some pretty peculiar diction.

the group following and attending to some important person

She looked closely at a painting of the Hindu god Krishna and his retinue of female devotees, the gopis.

shy or modest, often in a playful or provocative way

In fact, an amazingly alluring girl, just sitting demurely, looking through photograph albums.

in a composed and unconcerned manner

“Jaz, this is Xela,” Simon said nonchalantly, gesturing to Xela.

make less hostile; win over

Xela smiled so sweetly at her that Jaz was disarmed—almost.

fuse or cause to come together

She looked like the dream of every man on the planet coalesced into one package.

answer back

“Yeah, I can see that,” Jaz retorted.

an asset of special worth or utility

It was a rare occasion on which he didn’t have a quick answer to a query that concerned people—his forte.

capable of being treated as fact

I asked her all this stuff and she answered, but I can’t seem to recall anything tangible.

the act of deceiving or acting in bad faith

Simon was, she knew, fundamentally incapable of duplicity.

fraught with uncertainty or doubt

Simon could tell by the look on Jaz’s face that she was still a little dubious about the nature of his interest in Xela.

a divine manifestation

“Oh, boy,” Jaz said, “one of your epiphanies, huh?”

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