Academic Vocabulary Toolkit 1, Words 11-20 – 10 Words


having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization

Perhaps there is a story between the two that I wasn’t aware of?Forbes (Jun 10, 2014)

promoting or enhancing well-being

“It will be interesting to see how beneficial this rainfall has been in the short term.”Washington Times (Jun 8, 2014)

something that aids or promotes well-being

And how do you compare the benefits of vegetables versus fruits?Washington Post

a justification for something existing or happening

Winning the World Cup would be cause for the world’s biggest street party.Time (Jun 9, 2014)

make act in a specified manner

A couple of problems caused the Jabulani to fly every which way but straight.Washington Post

a demanding or stimulating situation

Sometimes that can pose the most difficult challenge because you can only advance to a level that your mind perceives is possible.Forbes (Jun 10, 2014)

requiring full use of your abilities or resources

“It’s challenging, but for a championship you don’t want it easy.”Washington Times (Jun 7, 2014)

an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction

Players create their own character and try to save a city in which an addictive energy drink has turned everyone into mutants.Time (Jun 10, 2014)

a distinguishing quality

“Well,” it was explained, “we have to match your eye color and characteristics.”New York Times (Jun 10, 2014)

examine and note the similarities or differences of

The researchers said comparing Neanderthals to modern man is like comparing apples and oranges.Washington Post

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