Power Suffix: -fy – 13 Words


spread negative information about

But the story is much more complicated than that—and there are unintended consequences of our movement to vilify trans fats.
—Forbes Dec 31, 2014

cause to be more favorably inclined

Still, the new cases may not mollify critics who question why no top Wall Street executive went to prison over the 2008 financial crisis.
—New York Times Apr 9, 2015

ease the anger, agitation, or strong emotion of

Modi’s apology did not pacify members of opposition parties, who staged a symbolic walkout of the parliamentary session, wearing black cloths over their mouths.
—Los Angeles Times Dec 5, 2014

deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless

Inconsistent planning and politics have so stultified Nasa, after all, that America today has no way to launch people into space.
—The Guardian Jun 26, 2014

exalt to the position of a God

CEOs are worshipped as rock stars, if not nearly deified.
—Time Mar 4, 2015

consider an abstract concept to be real

But it still reflects an impulse to reify or personify what is really a technological process, not an individual agent.
—Slate Feb 5, 2015

meet the requirements or expectations of

He’s never satisfied that he’s done his best; he continually strives to maximize his abilities and expand his possibilities.
—Forbes Apr 23, 2015

increase in extent

Tension was always building inside the volcano, considered the country’s most dangerous, a pressure that intensified with each foundational shift in the earth.
—Washington Post Apr 18, 2015

be characteristic of

Two new volumes exemplify how some comic strips and books not only ducked the trash, but manage to remain meaningful decades later.
—New York Times Feb 18, 2015

render holy by means of religious rites

You have invoked the spirit of Heaven to sanctify a person’s belief that what they are doing is righteous.
—Newsweek Summer 2014

confirm the truth of

To qualify, students can pay a $45 fee to verify their identity using a webcam and an official photo identification card.
—Washington Post Apr 22, 2015

become bony

“You’ll relegate me to the past, the relic of another era, my ideas, my attainments, as ossified as the stone itself,” he fulminates.
—New York Times Mar 15, 2015

attribute human qualities to something

Just as Scrooge became synonymous with miser, and Peter Pan became a syndrome, Spock was dispassion personified.
—New York Times Feb 27, 2015

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