Power Prefix #2: con- – 10 Words


involving the joint activity of two or more

Such a concerted campaign of misrepresentation will be hard to chalk up to the actions of a few rogue police officers.

making or willing to make concessions

In an apparent conciliatory gesture, Saudi state TV showed King Abdullah welcoming leaders with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at his side.

overlapping in duration

France is one of the few countries where fatal accidents automatically prompt criminal probes to run concurrently with investigations by civil authorities.

mix together different elements

And most critical to the current crisis, they do not conflate what happened to them last year with what is happening now.New York Times (Jan 1, 2011)

compliance with accepted standards, rules, or norms

The society they live in privileges men over women, family over individuality, conformity over free will.

a group of diverse companies under common ownership

Under Sulzberger’s stewardship, the New York Times became a sprawling media conglomerate with newspapers throughout the United States, magazines, television, radio and online properties.

come together, usually for a purpose

By offering free, reliable Wi-Fi in public spaces, the city is seeking to focus on places where people congregate.

agreement in the judgment reached by a group as a whole

The melting pot is an engine of consensus, dissolving differences.

act in agreement and in secret towards a deceitful purpose

The five named suspects are also alleged to have conspired to delete documents on computers and other electronic equipment.

move or draw together at a certain location

On Monday, protesters will converge near the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate Occupy’s anniversary, marking the day they began camping out in Zuccotti Park.

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