Latin Love, Vol III: specere – 10 Words


reflect deeply on a subject

He speculated about what other competitors were up to and who was responsible for prices moving in a certain way.

the possibility of future success

Baseball America rated him the best catching prospect in the country.Seattle Times (Jun 7, 2013)

a way of regarding situations or topics

But trying to picture the other guy’s perspective is often the best strategy for solving conflicts.

taxonomic group whose members can interbreed

At the same time, Ashe’s agency proposed listing Mexican wolves as an endangered species.

obvious to the eye or mind

Her bright red driving wheels made her a conspicuous figure on the line.Hungerford, Edward

a bit of tissue or fluid taken for diagnostic purposes

They have chopped up precious plant specimens, knocked down stalactites and dumped just about anything you can imagine beside crystal clear streams.


Google started shipping the much anticipated computing spectacles to developers, industry analysts and early technology adopters a few weeks back.Forbes (May 16, 2013)

openly distrustful and unwilling to confide

Police said they were tipped off by postal inspectors to suspicious packages mailed to the Perez home and arranged a delivery last Tuesday under surveillance.Seattle Times (Jun 10, 2013)

morally reprehensible

MP Theresa Villiers said: “This kind of hate crime is absolutely despicable.”

a broad range of related objects, values, or qualities

On Monday, groups across the political spectrum expressed support.

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