Latin Love, Vol III: pendere – 11 Words


an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry

Necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings with diamonds, sapphires and other gems will go on auction in New York City starting Tuesday.Washington Post (Dec 12, 2011)

an apparatus in which an object is mounted to swing freely

Business culture often seems like a pendulum, swinging between two extremes: workforce autonomy and centralized management.Forbes (Mar 18, 2013)

reflect deeply on a subject

As I pondered the results, other questions came to mind.Scientific American (Apr 19, 2013)

having great mass and weight and unwieldiness

Calm, composed, he uttered his thoughts in those ponderous sentences which ever after characterized his public addresses.Headley, Joel Tyler

be imminent or about to happen

The president should not be kept in the dark about impending problems, particularly ones that are potentially explosive politically.

bar temporarily

A court order on Thursday suspended the game at Maracana Stadium, but was overturned a few hours later.

superiority in power or influence

A preponderance of gadgetry can make the two plug sockets found in most student rooms seem inadequate.

a part that is joined to something larger

And Florida will no longer keep its distinct appendage shape.Scientific American (Feb 14, 2013)

make payment to

In Australia, gun owners were compensated when they handed in previously legal weapons.

clinic where medicine and medical supplies are distributed

Patients are treated only at the dispensary serving the district in which they live.Various

the act of making amends for service or loss or injury

In 1830, the United States government made a large grant of lands to his heirs as a further recompense for his military services.Various

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