Latin Love, Vol II: vertere – 11 Words


competent in many areas and able to adapt with ease

Dynamic, versatile athlete can impact games in multiple ways.Seattle Times (Aug 27, 2012)

go back to a previous state

Rather, it’s simply reverting to how things were as recently as a few years ago.Forbes (May 16, 2013)

cause the downfall of

The other four soon turned up in nearby jails, accused of inciting villagers to subvert the government.New York Times (Dec 16, 2011)

turn inside out or upside down

Magpies are careful, fastidious builders, adding to old nests, layering twigs to make deep inverted domes.

strongly opposed

He’s not averse to using shock tactics, either.

someone who offers opposition

Slowly, though, citizens and authorities can start to work together, instead of seeing each other as adversaries.Slate (Sep 5, 2012)

resistant to guidance or discipline

He said: “There are lots of risks and complications and potentially perverse outcomes.”

a dispute where there is strong disagreement

All three are experienced lawyers who would be unlikely to generate controversy individually.

a piece of poetry

Each verse is accompanied by brief background on the poem and poet.

turn aside; turn away from

Traffic was diverted along the old Severn Bridge.

prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening

He may have averted an episode of needless gun violence in his patient’s home.Slate (Feb 1, 2013)

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