Latin Love, Vol II: nominare – 11 Words


a word that expresses the same or similar meaning

In every war I have covered, cease-fire is a synonym for buying time to kill more civilians.New York Times (Jul 21, 2012)

a word pronounced or spelled the same with another meaning

In addition to these eighty review words, there is one review lesson containing homonyms.Ashbaugh, Ernest J.

a word that expresses an opposite meaning

The direct antonym of cause is effect, while that of antecedent is consequent.Fernald, James Champlin

having no known name or identity or known source

Florida lottery winners cannot stay anonymous, but have up to 60 days to claim the prize.

relating to a name derived from a person

The relationship between Frank Williams and his eponymous team is changing.

a fictitious name used when performing a particular role

Many other officers tweet under pseudonyms believing they can speak more freely as result.

existing in name only

Companies have got away with nominal good behaviour for years.

propose as a candidate for some honor

Drake is nominated three times for the top prize, video of the year.Seattle Times (May 14, 2013)

a class of one kind of unit in a system of measures

Like many Christian denominations, the United Methodist Church has struggled over issues of gay rights.

the divisor of a fraction

The only common denominator is that they are surrounded by vineyards.

using words that imitate the sound they denote

Mother Goose rhymes abound in these nonsense refrains, and they are often fine examples of onomatopoeia.Wells, Carolyn

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