English Words Derived from Hindi – 15 Words


not burdensome or demanding

Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have long offered cushy perks to attract top talent and keep workers happy logging scores of hours on the job.
—Seattle Times Oct 14, 2014

a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric

Some wore white hospital garb; others came off work gangs wearing blue dungarees.
—The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

a large and brightly colored handkerchief

Hermès is offering silk bandanas that look like the cotton ones the plumber wears.
—Forbes Sep 8, 2014

the bill in a restaurant

The chit fund, or “kitty party” as it is commonly called, is an informal savings group popular among Indian women, particularly in the south.
—Economist Nov 2, 2012

an iced mixed drink usually containing alcohol and prepared for multiple servings; normally served in a punch bowl

However, Hawaiian Punch volumes fell by only 2% this quarter, limiting the overall decline in juices and subsequently in non-carbonated beverages for the company.
—Forbes Oct 27, 2014

a broad pleated sash worn at the waist with a tuxedo

The remaining portion of the shirt’s front as well as the trousers’ waistband is therefore discreetly covered by a waistcoat or a cummerbund.
—Slate Feb 26, 2014

a draped dress worn primarily by Hindu women

They are all dressed in the traditional plain white sari except for Annapurna, who is in blue.
—BBC (Oct 8, 2014

someone who has been admitted to membership in a field

Much of what the pundits talk about – especially pairings – probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
—Forbes Oct 22, 2014

the act of washing your hair with shampoo

The tea tree shampoo I use helps with the itching, but my scalp is left very dry after using the shampoo on a daily basis.
—Seattle Times Sep 26, 2014

goods or money obtained illegally

He was convicted of two violent “takeovers” and two attempted heists that garnered nearly a combined $600,000 in loot.
—Chicago Tribune Oct 21, 2014

a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot

The toddy would ferment during the day and become a bitter and strong drink – rather like wine – by the evening.
—BBC Aug 22, 2014

a massive inexorable force

For decades, the Chinese economy has been a juggernaut growing many times faster than its western rivals.
—BBC Oct 22, 2014

an impenetrable equatorial forest

But Phoebe still trekked to Amazonian rainforests and African jungles, gaining confidence and going further into the wilds.
—Time Oct 22, 2014

a light puckered fabric that is usually striped

Black Fleece, Browne’s collaborative collection with Brooks Brothers, included a pale brown seersucker inspired by the hues found in Kodachrome film.
—Los Angeles Times Sep 12, 2014

a small bed that folds up for storage or transport

Many travelers stranded overnight slept on cots provided by the airport, in scenes reminiscent of winter storm disruptions.
—Seattle Times Sep 27, 2014

بازی یادگیری زبان انگلیسی