Elements of the Universe: Pyr – 12 Words


wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite

Eventually the unread books on my shelves will have to be abandoned, or they will join me on the pyre.The New Yorker (Jun 25, 2015)

an uncontrollable desire to set fire to things

Pyromania is sometimes pleaded as a defense for arson.?Malley, Austin

divination by fire or flames

As for magic, necromancy, pyromancy, geomancy, coscinomancy, and all the other mancies—there was then a whole literature about them. Kingsley, Charles

the craft of making fireworks

In 1784 one merchant offered a range of pyrotechnics that included “rockets, serpents, wheels, table rockets, cherry trees, fountains, and sun flowers.”Slate (Jul 3, 2015)

transformation of a substance produced by the action of heat

The new incinerators use technologies known as gasification, plasma arc, and pyrolysis.Scientific American (Apr 3, 2014)

a mineral consisting of manganese dioxide

Manganese is found in nature chiefly as the dioxide MnO2, called pyrolusite.McPherson, William

a rise in the temperature of the body

It was accompanied by pyrexia, gastroenteritis, deep-seated pains in limbs and body, and burning and pricking of the skin.Various

any of various thorny shrubs of the genus Pyracantha bearing small white flowers followed by hard red or orange-red berries

In the rougher hedges, dogwood, honeysuckle, pyracanth, and acacia made a network of white bloom and blushes.Brown, Horatio Robert Forbes

of or relating to the sky or heavens

In his images, Audubon portrayed birds with an empyrean clarity.New York Times (Jul 26, 2013)

a borosilicate glass with a low coefficient of expansion

During World War II, Corning Glass Works recommended serving homegrown vegetables in Pyrex as a thrifty way of “making food fight for freedom.”New York Times (Jun 4, 2015)

a chain of mountains between France and Spain

Tiny Andorra, which has a population of 85,000, is wedged between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains.US News (Mar 11, 2015)

relating to a victory that is offset by staggering losses

Napoleon then marched into Moscow, but it was a Pyrrhic victory; only approximately 90,000 French soldiers remained.Slate (Dec 11, 2012)

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