Common Senses: Phone – 15 Words


loud confusing disagreeable sounds

The persistent cacophony of grinding and banging and crushing has been replaced by the renewed soundtrack of songbirds.New York Times (Feb 22, 2014)

any pleasing and harmonious sounds

The ugly cacophony of our mother-tongue here in the north melts on her tongue into the sweet and mellow euphony of Italian and Hindu speech.Francke, Kuno

a large orchestra

That piece, “Become Ocean,” made its world premiere at the symphony last year and won the Pulitzer Prize for music last month.Seattle Times (May 4, 2014)

a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

The Lamas with their deep voices were intoning the prayers while the lesser priests answered with their antiphonies.Ossendowski, Ferdinand

music arranged in parts for several voices or instruments

A four-voiced polyphony at a good gait is positively hair-raising.Huneker, James

a word pronounced the same with another meaning or spelling

The words wright and write are homophones, a phonological coincidence.The Guardian (Jun 19, 2013)

electronic equipment that transmits sound over distances

Mortimer auditioned candidates for the role by telephone, so he could experience their voices only.BBC (May 23, 2014)

a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore

The trombone or sousaphone often provides the bass lines and riffs, while duelling trumpets and saxophone add the often complex melody lines and improvised solos.The Guardian (Aug 23, 2012)

a percussion instrument with wooden bars played with mallets

From the bog the frogs sounded like a continuously and lightly-struck xylophone.Hergesheimer, Joseph

speech disorder attributable to a disorder of phonation

But his worst symptom was dysphonia; he would try to articulate one word, and find himself using another.Gaboriau, Émile

(linguistics) one of a small set of speech sounds that are distinguished by the speakers of a particular language

There is also a deeper layer of meaning in the phonemes–the very sound of the words themselves–which music can tap into, he says.BBC (May 25, 2014)

teaching reading by associating letters with their sounds

Readers need phonics to sound out unfamiliar words, but they also need vocabulary and general world knowledge to comprehend text.Salon (Sep 12, 2012)

any written symbol standing for a sound or syllable or morpheme or word

The whole body of Chinese characters, then, may conveniently be divided up, for philological purposes, into pictograms, ideograms and phonograms.Various

the study of the sound system of a given language

In Phonology fifty different sounds are recognized, including simple and compound consonants, the vowels in different quantities, and the diphthongs.Various

designating sound transmission from two sources through two channels

Whatever the particulars, these patients concluded that they lacked the resources to deal with the chaos, stereophonic screaming and exhaustion of raising twins.New York Times (Aug 10, 2011)

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