By the Roots: Via-, Vio- : road, way – 10 Words


someone on a mission to represent another’s interests

Ambassadors and envoys regularly get briefings by officials in host countries to keep up to date on political affairs.

not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

They always seemed impervious to flooding but no longer are.

characterized by insincerity or deceit

“In workplace bullying,” she says, “you’re talking about adults who have a certain degree of self-control, so they are more devious and calculating.”BusinessWeek (Nov 21, 2012)

be out of line with

“They deviated from traditional lab practice in this particular case,” Smith said.Scientific American (Oct 11, 2011)

of the immediate past

He had three hits in his previous 31 at-bats.Seattle Times (Apr 30, 2013)

easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind

Remember, I’m looking for solutions that go beyond the obvious.

prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening

There are many factors which inhibit sleep that must be removed or at least obviated.Walsh, James J. (James Joseph)

of little substance or significance

He faced multiple felony counts and years in prison for what were, at worst, trivial transgressions of law.

markedly different from an accepted norm

Of course, in addition to sexual deviants, there are lots of idiots out there. Forbes (Nov 7, 2011)

a procession of land vehicles traveling together

Oil and refined petroleum were flowing across the Turkish border in long convoys of tanker trucks.

بازی یادگیری زبان انگلیسی