By the Roots: Grad-, Gress-: to step – 10 Words


the act of moving forward, as toward a goal

There is no cure but treatments can help slow disease progression.

wander from a direct or straight course

Be prepared for innovative thinkers to go off on tangents—in their minds they are not digressing, but connecting the dots.

go back to a previous state

Younger children may regress, becoming clingy or having tantrums.Seattle Times (Dec 18, 2012)

the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle

His transgressions included larceny and breaking into houses and shops.

a low or downcast state

They say climate change is causing flooding, drought and environmental degradation, which all threaten agricultural practices.

capable of being decomposed

Each order is served with rye bread in a biodegradable tray.Seattle Times (May 19, 2011)

showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends

Being aggressive or driven can be interpreted positively, as attributes that help one succeed.

the property of a line that departs from the horizontal

Weaving right and left following the river, you don’t notice any increase in gradient for a while, but you are climbing.

relative position in a ranked series

The chief gradations in rank are admiral, vice admiral, and rear admiral.Webster, Noah

the act or means of going out

He commenced groping around for some means of egress.Reid, Mayne

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