All You Need is Love: Amor and Phil – 14 Words


expressive of or exciting love or romance

Not sure whether you should approach the target of your amorous intentions?Washington Post (Dec 23, 2015)

a lover, especially a secret or illicit one

If it’s possible to have a love affair with a mountain, Aspen Highlands is my snowy paramour.New York Times (Dec 10, 2015)

marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness

It was the first time I’d seen anything like it in a video game and I was enamored.Los Angeles Times (Sep 11, 2015)

someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime

“It is important to remember that amateurs built the Ark and it was the professionals that built the Titanic,” Carson tweeted in October.Washington Post (Dec 31, 2015)

a state of friendship and cordiality

Soon the kings or chiefs of other neighboring tribes came in bringing fruit, and everything was harmonious, and treaties of amity were made with all.Headley, Joel Tyler

characterized by friendship and good will

It was mostly amicable, with the intent to remain friends, since we share custody of two sons and continue to work in the same company.Washington Post

diffusing warmth and friendliness

He’s an amiable Everyman, viewed with affection even by those who consider him naïve.Los Angeles Times (Nov 5, 2015)

someone who makes charitable donations

Around the turn of the 20th century, however, philanthropists and charities expressed interest in fulfilling Santa’s role for poor children who sent him letters.Time (Dec 21, 2015)

the rational investigation of existence and knowledge

For Aristotle, wonder is a primordial prompt to start thinking, a spur to philosophy, leading us to contemplate the greatest cosmological questions.Washington Post (Nov 12, 2015)

meeting trouble with level-headed detachment

He’s philosophical about the downturn, but worries about the next generation.BBC (Aug 31, 2015)

the humanistic study of language and literature

At the University of Granada, where he received a scholarship to study philology, he fell in love with García Lorca’s work and began writing poetry.New York Times (Apr 16, 2014)

a collector and student of postage stamps

But, as every philatelist knows, more stamps will always be welcome.Economist (Jan 9, 2014)

someone who loves and usually collects books

The campaign, which launches today, encourages bibliophiles to get together and make time to read.Los Angeles Times (Nov 11, 2014)

someone who appreciates wine

Oenophiles and food lovers can parlay their passion into careers as sommeliers and chefs.Forbes (Feb 18, 2015)

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