GMAT 2015 studygroup – 10 Words


the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era

For Obama, Iran represents the potential to redeem a foreign policy ethos dented by six years in the tough trenches of governing.Washington Post (Mar 2, 2015)

not clearly understood or expressed

The cover subject was the now obscure Joseph G. Cannon, and the whole thing was only 32 pages long.Time (Mar 3, 2015)

refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — a guest at the dinner where Giuliani had his eruption — refused to repudiate the offending remarks.Washington Post (Feb 23, 2015)

a deliberately offensive act

When I asked for his opinion of censorship, he described it as “an affront to an author.”The New Yorker (Mar 2, 2015)

incorporation of a formerly excluded group into a community

Board of Education struck down “separate but equal,” leading to the eventual desegregation of public transportation.Slate (Feb 27, 2015)

conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

“The Iranians built the program underground, illegally, in a clandestine program, against international obligations,” he said.Washington Post (Mar 2, 2015)

contemptibly small in amount or size

The Wizards shot a paltry 33 percent from the floor and attempted 12 fewer free throws than Philadelphia.Washington Post (Feb 27, 2015)

a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano

The Villarrica volcano in central Chile has been throwing out jets of lava from its crater, putting the town of Pucon on high alert.BBC (Mar 3, 2015)

an affront to one’s self-esteem

Still, a vote to oust Boehner would be the latest indignity for the embattled speaker, even if his survival is likely.Washington Post (Mar 1, 2015)

a very intense and uncontrolled fire

Instead, they waited for a carbon dioxide extinguishing system to arrive on the scene, but that proved ineffective at quenching the inferno.Scientific American (Feb 27, 2015)

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